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While moral arguements against slavery incerased and as the economy and population of the North continued to grow, the South worried about losing their power in Congress. During the Dred Scott Case, Dred Scott, a slave, claimed his freedon because his owner took him to a free state. During the case, the Supreme Court ruled that Blacks were not citizens and that they had no constitutional rights. The Supreme Court also ruled that any anti-slavery law was unconstitutional because it deprived slave owners of their property, the slaves. This outraged abololisonists. After the Dred Scott Case, the republicans became very popular and the South began to think their power in Congress was fading. in 1860, Lincoln won the presidential election. He was anti-slavery. The major political parties became split over slavery. None of the Southern states put Lincoln on their ballots, but Lincoln still won because of the Electoral College. Because the Republicans won the election and now ruled the government, the South became less powerful.