The Judiciary Act of 1789
Henry Knox
Report on Manufactures
The Bank of the United States
"First Party System"
Whiskey Rebellion
Jay's Treaty
Pinckney's Treaty
XYZ Affair
The "Quasi War"
The Alien and Sedition Acts
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
Tammany Society
The Judiciary Act of 1801
"Midnight Appointments"
"Revolution of 1800"
Judith Sargent Murray
"noble savages"
Noah Webster
Washington Irving
"camp meeting"
Handsome Lake
Samuel Slater
Eli Whitney
Cotton gin
The "Turnpike Era"
Marbury v. Madison
William Marbury
The Louisiana Purchase
Continental System
Chesapeake-Leonard Incident
"Peaceable Coercion"
Non-Intercourse Act
Harrison Land Law
Tenskwatawa the "Prophet"
Battle of Tippecanoe
Henry Clay
John C. Calhoun
Oliver Hazard Perry
Battle of the Thames
Francis Scott Key
Battle of New Orleans
Daniel Webster
Hartford Convention
Treaty of Ghent
Rush-Bagot Agreement
National Road
John Jacob Astor
Rocky Mountain Fur Company
James Monroe
John C. Calhoun
"Era of Good Feelings"
Andrew Jackson
The Seminole War
Adams-Onís Treaty
Panic of 1819
Missouri Compromise
Henry Clay
John Marshall
Dartmouth College v. Woodward
McCulloch v. Maryland
Daniel Webster
Gibbons v. Ogden
Worcester v. Georgia
"American System"
"Corrupt Bargain"
Simón Bolívar
The "Tariff of Abominations"
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren
De Witt Clinton
The "spoils system"
John C. Calhoun
Nullification Doctrine
Kitchen Cabinet
Peggy Eaton
Daniel Webster
Nullification Crisis
Force Bill
The Black Hawk War
"Five Civilized Tribes"
Winfield Scott
Trail of Tears